What we do?

The company Hemarbus Kraków has been providing services in the field of domestic and international passenger transport since 1999. We specialize in the rental of buses and coaches with the driver in Krakow and the surrounding area. Throughout all these years, serving Polish and foreign groups, we have gained appropriate experience to provide transport services at the highest possible
level. We offer our clients buses and minibuses with 19, 32 to 50 seats, brands such as Mercedes - Benz, Iveco or VanHool.
Taking into account the fact that today comfort is a standard, our vehicles are equipped with air conditioning, tilt seats, panoramic windows and an audio-video system that are necessary during longer journeys.
By putting the safety of passengers and drivers first, we make every effort to ensure that our fleet is always operational and ready for the proper performance of all transport orders. Regardless of the nature of the service, the length of the route or the duration of the trip, each transport task is prioritized by us.

Who is the offer for the rental of buses ??

We live in times when the need to move is one of the basic ones. Every day, a very large number of people are traveling somewhere. Currently, owning a car is something natural. We use it when going to the store, to work, we can not imagine life without it. Some people also use buses of private carriers, MPK buses or trains running on regular lines. The only downside of traveling these vehicles is the need to comply with their departure time, or the route of passage.

What happens if we need to transport more people and we do not have the right vehicle?

The best solution is to hire a private bus with a trained driver who will comfortably and safely take us to the place and then be available to the ordering party. In our offer you can find elegant coaches, microbuses and minibuses with a different number of passenger seats.

The offer of the transport company Hemarbus is addressed to individuals, companies, travel agencies, institutions, schools, universities, organizations, sports clubs and other entities who value professional transport service and a guarantee of transport service.

What kind of bus or coach do you need?

We offer our clients buses and minibuses with 19, 32 to 59 seats, brands such as Mercedes – Benz and Iveco.

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