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Krakow, Poland


About the company

Hemarbus is a small family company that has been operating continuously since 1999, offering a professional service of minibus and bus rental in and around Krakow. The family nature of the company affects the competitiveness of the services provided and the attractiveness of prices. During all the years of our activity, we have raised our qualifications and gained appropriate experience in the field of bus and bus hire along with the driver, as well as transport services for companies, institutions and individuals. We have extensive experience in the transport of foreign groups, offering them the opportunity to visit the most interesting points on the map of Krakow, the Salt Mine in Wieliczka, Zakopane, Wadowice, or learn about the tragic history related to Auschwitz Birkenau. Our minibuses, minibuses and buses made transportations in Poland as well as throughout Europe. They served customers visiting countries such as Serbia, Albania or Macedonia. Activities in such a large area could not do without proper licenses, certificates and insurance (OC, NNW, Green Card). 

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Passenger transport, being a specific field of transport, requires appropriate features and skills from minibus and coach drivers. The choice for such an important position can not be accidental. In addition to the relevant certificates and certificates, the driver must have the appropriate technique of driving, experience and personal culture, which is very important when transporting people. We strive to ensure that our drivers have all of these features. 

Our fleet, undergoing regular inspections, guarantees the reliability of the transport service. We attach great importance to the equipment of our buses and buses to affect the sense of security and comfort of passengers during each transport. Considering the fact that the transport company can not exist without customers, we make every effort to ensure that the minibus or bus service from our company is at the highest possible level. A
well-made service translates into customer satisfaction, which is a priority in coach transport and may affect further cooperation.

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